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Hi, My name is Jason, and I have a good story to tell. 

I found out that the people who watch this video get the information they need to make an informed decision on how to get an extra check each and every month. 

They also learned how to pay less in taxes, make more money, and be as healthy as possible.

I think we can all agree most people want to pay less in taxes, make more money, and be as healthy as possible. But some people. You know the type. They would rather watch “The Simpsons,” Complaint about the economy, and go to the bar than take a little time to learn something to help themselves and their family.  

I am just interested. If I found a way to earn an extra paycheck every month. and you could accomplish the extra check without changing your job. Do it in your spare time, there is a free option to start, And you get one-on-one training. would you want to know more if it was completely RISK-FREE? 

If you said YES then great let’s get started. 

Briefly About Me

I have 4 great kids.

I’ve successfully owned and operated a franchise service business.

I’ve reached the status of top revenue producer in 3 companies.

I have been recognized for service excellence for training others with the required skills to succeed.

Out of that list of accomplishments my life was extremely hectic and stressful. My life was stressed out to the max. Working ridiculously long hours every day. Sometimes 7 days a week and managing a lot of problems.

We are already on step 2. There are only 3 steps so this is going fast. 

Step 1 was the invitation to watch this. The person or marketing that got you here completed step # 1.  That’s about as hard as we work folks. 

If you’ve ever seen a typical overview like this they will tell you that you need to make more money. 

Or they would say you gonna be broke when you turn 65 and you should travel more and spend more time with your family.

I’ve always found that a little insulting when they would make all these statements about what I should want in my life. 

So would it just be okay if I don’t go over any of that stuff and just move on to the next section? 

I always found it a little insulting. 

The Topics Were Going To Cover

We’re going to cover these 3 items. 

  1. TAXES – Wouldn’t everyone like to pay less in taxes?  
  2. MONEY – How to earn money in your spare time.
  3. HEALTH – Wouldn’t we all like to be as healthy as possible? 
  • Most people keeping an open mind can learn how to earn a full-time income in their spare time using Network marketing if they just know how. 
  • Most people really appreciate the hands-on support so they’re earning money as soon as they get started, wouldn’t you like that kind of support? 

And here is the interesting part. Most people have been doing Network Marketing most of their life, but just don’t get paid for it.

You’re probably wondering. What do you mean?

Most people have been Doing Network Marketing Most Of Their life. 

Most people are confused about what Network Marketing even is. 

Most people do network marketing every single day and don’t realize it.

 And definitely don’t get paid for it.  

Remember when you were a kid? Every year a special toy came out. You know when you were like we’re like 7 years old. 

I remember they had HE-Man action figures and Star Wars action figures Some of the women probably remember Cabbage patch dolls, or a special barbie. 

But we would come home and be covered all in dirt or just sweaty you know from just being outside playing and we would tell our parents about the new toy our friend told us about.

And our friend may have told us about a new pizza place or something like that

and occasionally your parents might bring you to buy one of the new toys your friend recommended. And we really liked that. 

So we got recommendations from our friend when we were 7 years old and then we went to mom and dad to complete the transaction. 

So we told our parents about what our friends recommended and our parents went and bought it. 

That’s Network Marketing in a nutshell. 

And you know when you think about it.

Who did the same thing when they were 7 years old? I’m pretty sure we all did.

So you see. We’ve all been doing network marketing most of our lives but we just don’t get paid for it.

Does that make sense? 

Now I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news. And if you are like most people you want the bad news first.

The bad news is products and services like a pizza restaurant, a toy manufacturer,  a mechanic shop, or a restaurant are never going to pay you for recommending their business. 

On the other hand that’s what Network Marketers do to get paid. They make sincere recommendations to people. 

That’s why since we were seven years old and throughout our lives, we’ve been making recommendations on things because we want to help people and that’s all we do here.

That’s all Network Marketing is. Making recommendations to people about products and or services that we love. 

It makes us feel good. It’s part of the human experience. 

Another Example of  Network Marketing Without Getting Paid For It. 

So what’s another good example of doing network marketing and not getting paid for it?

Well, I guess the best thing I can think of right now is going to a really great buffet or a restaurant. 

I think that’s a pretty good example. Let’s say one of your close friends makes a recommendation to go to this one particular buffet. 

Your friend tells you about all the great things this buffet has that none of the other buffets have, and how it’s amazing it is, and you just need to go try it out.

But he warns you that someone comes around and offers a special dessert that’s pretty expensive so you might want to just skip that. 

So you’re driving to the buffet and you’re determined to skip the expensive dessert. No way you’re paying more for a dessert than the whole meal. 

You sit down in the big comfy booth seats and before you know it someone comes around with a cart and shows you all the special desserts that are available for an extra charge. 

You can’t help it because they look so delicious. So you order a dessert for everyone that came with you. You have a great time and can’t wait to see your friend and tell them about your experience and thank them for the recommendation. 

Next week at work you tell some of your coworkers hey I took the family to this new buffet a friend of mine recommended. It was awesome and they have this special dessert you all should go and try out. 


  • Some of your co-workers will go to the buffet every single weekend from your recommendation. 
  • Some of your co-workers will go one time a month from your recommendation. 
  • And some of your co-workers will never go at all from your recommendation. 

The people that go and have a good time and enjoy the buffet will thank you for your recommendation, and we will feel good about that.

Your friend who originally told you about the buffet.

That friend in Network Marketing terminology  would be considered a (direct referral.) 

The people you went and told after you went to the buffet would be considered an indirect referral. 

So at the end of the month, you get a check from the buffet restaurant for $550 dollars from all the referrals you sent to the buffet and all the referrals after that.  

You get a check from the restaurant, RIGHT? NO. 

See the restaurant is never going to send you a check. 

That’s a good example of doing network marketing and not getting paid for it. 

Seems basic I know but that’s my point. 

This business is basic. It is simple. 

Anyone can earn money in their spare time with just a few simple skills. 

Having a team of pros show you, hands-on, how to make money will really make a difference. Think that might help?  

So now that I’ve shown you a few examples of how we’ve been doing network marketing almost our whole lives and how we make recommendations to businesses all the time we just don’t get paid for it. 

Does that make sense?

Quick Disclaimer.


  • I am an independent affiliate with HB Naturals. Not an owner, company, or employee
  • Individual results will vary
  • The products are not designed to treat, cure, prevent, or cure any diseases.  

What I wanna share with you now is how you can build a real customer loyalty plan and earn money over and over and over month after month year after year with this business Heart & Body Naturals. 

Would Everybody like to see how that works?

So let’s cover really fast how you can pay less in taxes, make more money, and have better health. 

  1. Taxes
  2. Money
  3. Health

Most everyone wants to pay less in taxes. And almost everyone understands the benefits of great health.

Do you know anyone who wants to make more money, pay less in taxes, and have better health? 

Almost everyone.Right? 

So these 3 things seem like pretty good topics. 

So let’s talk about Taxes first.

In one of Robert Kiyosak’s articles, he goes over how the average person can now get tax advantages that were formerly only Reserved for the rich.

This can be accomplished by owning a home-based business. Which is exactly what partnering with HB NATURALS accomplishes. Kind of a no-brainer right?  

Most people don’t know these tax advantages but it’s in the article. 

Basically, the average person is going to get a $300-$500 a month grant from the government.

Getting 300-500 back from the government eliminates risk, does that make sense? 

Which means 5,000 to $6000 per year that people just get to keep and do not have to pay in taxes.

Most people don’t take advantage of this. Most people don’t even know about it. 

I’m not an accountant so I’m not giving you any tax advice or recommendations. But would that be OK with you if you could keep that money each and every month? 

As I said I’m not an accountant and I’m not giving tax advice but a lot of people are able to pay fewer taxes this way. 

Sandy Botkin in her book (Lower Your Taxes BIG TIME). Chapter 1. Why you would be brain dead not to start a home-based business. If you don’t already have one.

This chapter explains why everyone who ALREADY HAS A JOB should have some kind of home-based business. If you don’t have one, you are losing thousands per year. 

If you were going to receive more money from the government than what it was going to cost you to run the business it would sort of be a no-brainer to get started, right? Ya, I think so. 

Make More Money

Would everyone like to know the specifics of how we earn money in HB Naturals? 

I’m sure the examples I’ve already given paint an ok picture but, I want to make sure you fully understand. 

I want you to imagine you have to go to the store and buy everything you need for a family gathering. 

So you’re gonna need to go to the grocery store and you’re gonna need to pick up some Soda and some chips with salsa, just a whole bunch of different things. 

So you go to Costco and I bump into you at the Costco store. For the sake of this example were family. Lol

I bump into you and I see you have chips you have sodas and salsa and we actually grabbed the exact same things the exact quantity exactly the same things.

 We get to the front of Costco and you check out and pay $75.

Then I pay for mine and it’s $100 and I say hey wait a minute we have exactly the same things.

 How was his $25 less than mine? How did this happen?

And you say oh I got this customer loyalty thing on my phone.

And I say well, How did you get that?

I just filled out this customer loyalty application on my phone through the website. 

So I go online real fast and fill out the info and get the digital card on my phone and I get the $25 dollar discount right then and there.

Now I  get a discount every time I go shopping for the foreseeable future. 

You just saved ME (YOUR family member) money. 

How does that make you feel? Pretty good I’m sure.  

It’s gonna make you feel great because every time they spend money at the store now they are going to remember you and how you recommended the loyalty program

So HB Naturals is no different. It’s just a loyalty program.

Not much different than this example at the store. 

but I want you to imagine this customer loyalty program on steroids.

So every time I shop from that store not only do I get a $25 credit but the person who originally told me about it will also get a $25 credit.

You proceeded to tell several other people about this customer loyalty program and every time they shop they save $25 

and that makes you feel good. Right. 

But you get a $25 credit from every one of the people you referred and so does the original person who told you about it.

That would be a customer loyalty program on steroids. Right? That would be just amazing. 

Well, I got good news and I got bad news and most people want the bad news first.

The bad news is Costco is never going to pay you. They are never going to pay you for all of the people that are ever going to buy stuff from the store. It’s just not going to happen. 

The good news is the company you come to hear about tonight HB Naturals will pay you for recommending people to shop at their online store. 

And even more amazing is I show you exactly how to do it with one-on-one support so you can start earning as soon as possible. 

Wouldn’t that kind of support be great? 

All we do here, to get paid, is offer a customer loyalty program.

In 1 year you may be earning $8000 per month even if you fail 80% of the time.

Would you like to see the specifics on the income potential?

Great! OK.  

So we’re going to try to earn $8000 per month every month with you spending about 10 hours per week on your business or roughly about 1.5 hours every day. 

The Numbers

So here is an example of the numbers. 

Remember the example I gave about recommending the buffet to some of your co-workers?


  • Some of your co-workers went to the buffet every single weekend from your recommendation. 
  • Some of your co-workers went one time a month from your recommendation. 
  • And some of your co-workers will never go at all from your recommendation. 

Well for this example you’re not recommending people go to a buffet. 

In this example, you are inviting people to watch this video. That’s right. The video you are watching right now. 


  • Some people will watch it and be interested in saving on taxes, earning more money & better health from the products.
  • Some people will watch it and only be interested in better health from the products with no interest saving on taxes, better health, or earning more money
  • Some people won’t watch it at all. And that’s ok. 

So you invite 3 people and 1 person decides to join your business. 

STOP and think about this for a minute. What has the person done that invited you here to watch this? Not much right all they did was invite you to watch this. That’s about as hard as we work folks. 

Getting back to the example. 1 person decides to join you in building a business in the first month so you now have yourself and let’s say, Bob. 

So you have 2 people in your business the first month. YOU+BOB = 2 

You hand Bob off to me and Bob gets trained the same way you did.

So now you have 4 people in your business in the second month. This process continues Month after month and by everyone learning SKILLS and being trained one-on-one they are able to duplicate and after one year you have 4000 people in your business. 

Better Health 

I’m not going to bore you with all the minute details of what’s in our products and how each and every one of them can benefit you. 

I’m gonna give you the 30-second version because we have a great team website that has all of the details and specifics of what is in each and every product HB Naturals has. 

But what I will tell you is I can’t live without their superfoods. I use the little scoop and put some of it in my mixer cup and I have never felt better and more energetic. 

I am losing weight and just feel great. 

I knew after the first two days of taking the HB Naturals products I was going to be telling other people how great it made me feel. 

I will be emailing you links so you can get as much information as you need on the 90 products that we have. Those websites have all the details. It’s awesome. 

That brings us to the last step # 3 

I’ve been doing this for years and people always fall into 5 groups. 

So step #3 is simple. 

Listen to all 5 groups. When I read a group and you think that’s you write it down so you don’t forget. Whatever number you are is final and no one will question your decision. It’s final and that’s that. 

Group 1 These are people, who see this as a really nice way to make an extra $1500 or so every month, have some fun, and like the idea of making some very nice extra money from home very, very part-time. If that describes you we welcome you to the team. 

Group 2 This group wouldn’t touch this with a 10-foot pole. They don’t care that Warren Buffet, AT&T, SPRINT, or Robert Kiyosaki love this model. Group two’s noses are so far up in the air that if they go outside when it’s raining they’d probably drown. And I’m pretty sure they have already left. 

Group 3 This group has no interest in the business or making extra income but wants to try the product. Since customers are what drive our business. We love being able to deliver the product right to your front door and really welcome you. 

Group 4 This sort of described me. It sounded good but I had some reservations and questions. To this day I’m so grateful to my first enroller who answered all of my questions, and I had several. He was so patient and I made sure all my questions were answered so I could make a decision. Then to my surprise worked with me to teach me step by step what to do and it changed my life. 

Group 5 We rarely have anyone in this group. These are the type who “see it” and the Huge potential…. They are going to build it big right now and make a ton of money. 

So Text, Call, or Click the button below (If There Is One) or just tell the person who invited you. Thank them for sharing this with you and let them know which of the 5 groups you are in.

AGAIN if you will just extend that courtesy, honestly let them know which of the 5 groups you are in. They will keep their promise and accept your decision. 

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