Hey, My name is Jason and I want to share with you how I found a way to make more money in my (spare time) than most people make at their full-time job.

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I think we can all agree most people want to:

  • Pay less in taxes,
  • Make more money, &
  • And be as healthy as possible.

But some people think they are stuck in their current situation and won’t take the time to learn about something that might possibly change their life for the better.

You know the type.

They would rather play video games, and complain about how they wish they had time and financial freedom but, won’t take the time to read a presentation like this.

What If there’s a way to earn an extra paycheck every month? And you could do it…

  • Without changing your current job.
  • Do it in your spare time.
  • Start for free &.
  • Get one-on-one training.

Would you want to learn more?

If you said YES. You’re going to love the rest of this presentation. 

Briefly About Me

  • I have 4 great kids.
  • I successfully owned and operated a service business.
  • I reached the level of (top revenue producer) in 3 companies.
  • I have been recognized for service excellence in training my business partners.  

However, my life was not always like that. Previously, I was stressed out to the max. I was working really long hours. Sometimes 7 days a week and managing a lot of problems.

I needed a change, and I found it, with this opportunity.

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Here’s What I’m Going To Cover Today

  1. Network Marketing – What is Network Marketing?
  2. HOW – How to earn extra money?
  3. MONEY – How do you earn money?
  4. System – How this unique system makes this easy.
  5. TAXES – How it’s possible to pay less in taxes.  
  6. HEALTH – How to have optimum health.
  7. The 5 Groups – Wrapping up.
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1.What Is Network Marketing?

Let me briefly explain the business model I use (Network Marketing) to create the revenue I have coming in month after month.

Most people are confused about what Network Marketing even is. You probably do it all the time since you were 10 years old and just don’t realize it, and you definitely didn’t get paid for it.  

Can you think of the times in your life you’ve recommended a great restaurant or product?

Really that’s all Network Marketing is.

Making recommendations on behalf of the company and getting paid for those recommendations.    

That’s Network Marketing in a nutshell. 

We’ve been making recommendations about products and services most of our lives just not getting paid for those recommendations.

That’s all Network Marketing is and that’s all that we do at HB Naturals. We make sincere recommendations to people about HB Naturals products. It’s simple, It’s sincere, And best of all we show you step-by-step so there is no rejection or awkward moments.

Network Marketing is a way for an average person to own a home based business with no risk involved. HB Naturals has already done almost all the hard work.

Here are some of the things you would have to deal with if you wanted to start a typical business.

Typical Business Headaches

  • Employees
  • Shipping
  • Receiving
  • Product Development
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Deliverable
  • Insurance
  • Office Rent
  • Large up-front investment

But with HB Naturals you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff. However, you still have the potential to make as much or more than a typical business without all the headaches.

2. How – What would you have to do?

You use our rejection-free methods to refer people to the HB Naturals website and presentation.

In a nutshell that’s it.

HB Naturals and my team have taken care of almost everything else.

Just like we’ve been referring to people most of our life. This is no different. We show you step-by-step exactly what to do and it’s totally rejection-free.

We have multiple ways to attract people to a presentation. And we show you exactly how to do it.

It’s simple, and you can do it in your spare time. Most people who do this have a full-time job and a family so a little spare time is all you need.

3. MONEY – How Do You Make Money?

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The simple answer is you make money when the people you refer, purchase HB Naturals products.

We teach you multiple methods to refer people and HB Naturals pays you for those referrals.  Just like if you referred someone to a restaurant and they loved it. They would most likely go to the restaurant over and over. 

With HB Naturals the same thing will happen except in this case, HB Naturals will pay you each time the person you refer decides to purchase a product from your online HB Naturals store. 

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Here’s an example of what’s possible in just 1 year.

In this example, we’re aiming to earn $ 8,000 per month every month at the end of 1 year.

We show you how to get just 1 person to partner with you every month. The numbers below are based on you referring 1-person every month and the people who partner with you referring 1-person per month.

Even, if you failed 95% of the time you would still be at $ 2,000 per month in monthly income.

And since you’re doing this as a part-time side hustle spending as little as 30 minutes 3 or 5 days a week that’s a life-changing monthly income.

4. System – Is it really possible to earn money with this?

The short answer is YES, It’s possible to earn money. The reason I’m so confident is because of the one-on-one coaching and the system I have set in place for you to use. I don’t just hand you a system and tell you to make it work. I actually work with you and show you how to do this just like I am.

HB Naturals is paying us to get “them” (customers) to buy their products. Just like Costco, Sam’s, Wal-Mart, and Amazon will pay you to refer people to buy their products. HB Naturals does the same thing.

The reason I chose to partner with HB Naturals over Wal-Mart or Amazon is because of the simplicity of this system and how amazing the products make me feel. They really work and helped me lose weight and keep it off. For me, it was a no-brainer.

5. TAXES – How it’s possible to pay less in taxes.

Numerous books, blog posts, and videos have been made by professional accountants and tax attorneys recommending people who already have a job also have a home-based business.

Regardless if you have a current job or not. Simply starting a home-based business like HB Naturals may save the average person a lot of money per year.

I’m not an accountant and I’m not giving any tax advice here but I think everyone would like to spend as little as legally possible on their taxes. A home-based business is one of the ways to accomplish that.

Having a home-based business can potentially save you thousands in taxes. Kinda makes HB Naturals a simple choice, Start for free and save on taxes. Kinda a no-brainer, wouldn’t you say?

6. HEALTH – How to have optimum health.

HB Naturals has approximately 100 products. They purchase pristine, nutritionally rich organic ingredients directly from farmers. Make no mistake about it, the HB Naturals products are the foundation of this company.

Unfortunately, we don’t have time to go over all 100 products. So I’m gonna give you the quick version because we have a great team website that has all of the specific details on each and every product HB Naturals offers. 

To put it simply the HB Naturals products make me feel great and are the primary reason I partnered with them. I have so much more natural energy and my body feels nutritionally satisfied so I don’t have to eat as much to feel full.

Because I don’t eat as much and I have more energy to exercise I’m losing weight.

My favorite products are the Mind, Body, Soul, and Nourish. I mix them in my mixer cup daily and drink them over ice. 

I knew after the first two days of taking the HB Naturals products I was going to partner with this company and refer people to these awesome products.

All I know is I’ve tried numerous other products that are similar to what HB Naturals offers and they never made me feel like the HB Naturals products do. They back it up with a 90-day empty package money-back guarantee.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this amazing opportunity and to help people create a healthy and financially secure lifestyle. Thank You and be sure to click the picture below to create your FREE membership.

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